Introducing the Batavia Transload Warehouse

-22,000 Square foot warehouse
-280 Foot indoor rail-dock
-27 Foot high ceiling
-4 Covered truck bays
-Affordable trucking rates through partnerships
-Short and long term warehousing options
-Strategically located between Buffalo and Rochester
-Easy access to and from I-90, NYS Routes 5, 33, 63, and 98

What exactly is Transloading?
Transloading is the mixing of transportation modes to better support and satisfy the needs of the customer. By blending the benefits of shipping by rail and local/short haul trucking, the Batavia Transload Warehouse can provide more flexible solutions for customers who may not be located on our freight railroads as well as those who have existing side tracks but need expanded warehousing. More information...

Why Transload?
Transloading can be used as a cost saving measure when pursuing rail service. Transloading allows for the customer to reduce the costs of using rail freight. It improves flexibility and improves reliability within the supply chain. More information...

When does it make sense to Transload?
Transloading is a viable option whenever a customer does not currently have railroad tracks into or at their facility. Transloading can be used to supplement existing rail capacity without increasing capital expenditure. More information...

To speak with our Business Development Team, please contact:

Director of Business Development: David Blount (610) 384-5082 (office) or (610) 213-6725 (cell)

VP Operations: Greg Cheshier (585) 343-5398

Manager, Batavia Transload Warehouse: Mike Fitzsimmons (716) 474-0538